I’ve hit writters block help!

I’m in the middle of writing 2 stories but have no motivation to write either of them at the moment


Writer’s block is pretty awful. I know from my own experience :sweat_smile:
I haven’t published any stories on Episode yet but I’m writing a series of books. Sometimes it’s better to take a short break. You get inspired by everything, really. But if you want some help with ideas how to continue, I’m happy to help :grin:

I hope these help you <3


When ever I get writers block during a story, what I do is start a new story and often after a while ideas from your new story comes for your other stories.

I have about 4 stories on the go at the moment and when ever I get writers block I just change stories, or I will do the same story in a different form like shift from ink to LL and when you re-write it ideas will come to you for the opposite story

Thank you! If I ever need help I’ll let you know😊

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I took your advice and started a new story. Would you read it if I ever decided to publish it?

Of course

If you need any help just let me know, I’m around to help others too xx

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