I wan to know many things


Hey there… I’m hemala here … Just have many questions…

  1. How to delete my first story?
  2. How to make the character walk and run???
  3. if i open my episode in laptop and edit abit then in phone i cnt open back, What should i do…
    I hope i will get an answer… Thanks


You can’t delete your story


Thanks… if i dun wan the story… What should i do


You have to publish it you have too have 400 words written in each episode or longer and you have to have 3 episode


thank you… how about my second question??? I really dun know how to make the characters walk and run.?


Here are some examples

@ASHELY walks to spot 145360987 AND ASHELY is run_jog(I just pick random numbers

  1. @CHARACTER walks to spot % x y AND CHARACTER is animation

For example:
@LISA walks to spot % x y AND LISA is run_athletic


&CHARACTER walks to spot % x y AND CHARACTER does it while animation

For example:
&LISA walks to spot % x y AND LISA does it while walk_neutral

  1. What do you mean? Please explain further.

PM if you have any other questions. :wink:

~ Winter :snowflake:

  1. My first episode use episode app not in website…
    So i wanted to edit something that was not available in episode app so i open the episode website and edit it… After edit in laptop, I open in my phone app i cnt start or create another episode… i only can see it…

So i wan to know is there anywhere i can use both like Create using my episode phone app and then i sure my laptop to edit something and again start new one with my phone app again…


Once you edited a episode from the website you can’t have it done in the app anymore


So the only way is to finish everything then edit it on laptop and sent it to review and approve…


Thanks for everyone who helped me… Because i’m just starting and i dun know the scripting way… Thank you so much …:heart::heart::heart::heart:


Do you feel you got your questions answered? :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for helping me