I wanna Co-write a story with someone🖤

Hi🖤 My names Katie ,
I’m interested in co-writing a story with someone.
Preferably a drama/rom/com :slight_smile:
I was working on a (unpublished) fantasy story however I’ve decided to take a break cause I’ve come to the realization that my heart isn’t really in that story at the moment . I’m a great writer and friend I would say I’m okay at coding (still have some things I need to work on).

I’m looking for someone who’s willing to actually write with me and code with me like a 50/50 effort thing.
And I would prefer if you had an Instagram (it’s easier to talk on) . Mines @epy.kataine .


Here ya go,


I can help if you still need it

Do you have Instagram?

Yeah Bella.episode.1

I don’t have ig, but I’m willing to help :))

pm me if you still need it