I wanna do a shout out for shout out!

Hmu for shout out for shout out! This is my story:

Title: Swapped!

Author: Vic_Creations

Genre: Comedy

Style: Limelight

Current season: Season 2 Episode 2

Description: Evie and Ash were enemies. But hey, don’t they say people bond over a common problem? Well that’s true in the case of Evie and Ash. A spirit informs them that they are reincarnation of hitmen, and must undo the wrongs. Plus their genders are Swapped as punishment! With new friends, new enemies, and a mysterious man, will they even make it out alive?!


Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5696630616686592

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Hey Lovely!
Hope you give my story a read
and yea I’m up for r4r!
And yes we can give shout-out for shout-out on Instagram?

Title: The unseen diaries
By: Mansha
Instagram: mansha.writes
Genre: action / Thriller / comedy / fantasy
Episodes: 4
Style: limelight
Description: Creatures of unspeakable unseen horror lurk beneath the town Lakeville as a teenage girl Kate Devon fights them. Love and dangers are part of this town
Cc available, 2 LI


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@Mansha I don’t have IG buttt I have been shouting out others in my personal story at the end (Basically check their stories out readers) Are you interested in that?

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Hey thank you for this thread love! I just recently published my new story called Yearning. It would mean a lot to me if you read it!!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::two_hearts:My instagram is @xiomara.episode if you want to do a shoutout 4 shoutout!

Title: Yearning
Author: Xiomara
Style: Ink
Genres: Drama, Romance, Action
Main Genre: Drama
Amount of chapters: 3
CC: No
Number of LI’s: 2 (but won’t be able to choose)
Small Cover:

Story description:
All her life, Alondra has been longing for something that was missing in her life. Will she find it when she is on the verge of losing her sanity or will someone help her in time?


Please note there are trigger warnings/ mental health awareness!

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Your story looks so interesting! If you are interested, I would shout out your story at the end of my next episode, because that gets more views than IG for me. Is that good?

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Yes that’s fine! I’ll shoutout your story on instagram if that’s okay with you!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m sorry for the long wait, I had an injury and couldnt continue writing the story, but now I am alright to finally continue. I am so sorry for the wait but if you don’t mind, can you message me the title of your story and a quick description for me to include. Have a great day!!!