I wanna do R4R!Any one interested!?

@Problematic_Patrick hey I actually stuck in a scene can you please help me!?

this one

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I don’t understand?

the above reply is not for you

Hey, idk if you’re still stuck or not, but if you are you can dm me. :slight_smile: I have kind of a cheat sheet, but if you want I can explain it to you through dms as well. I’m starting on your story soon btw; should I post the screenshots here or via pm?

yes I am will stuck there
can you please explain what to do?

Fab! I’ve just added yours to my favourites. We can do 3 for 3 if you like? Then send a SS as proof once we’ve finished?:heart:

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yeah let’s do
this is my link

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Added you, I’ll start reading this afternoon :kissing_heart:

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I will. Let me know if you’re interested.
The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Josephine

Josephine catches her fiancé in an affair. Struggling to piece her life back together, she inevitably meets 2 potential romantic interests, your perfect sweet bae and your wild ride who is just intent on a good time. Who she picks in the end will be up to you! Hope you like it!

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hello @Matilda_the_lovely
ofcourse I am interested
let’s go for 3
what do uh say?

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can you please send me your link

Of course, it’s -

It’s available in Ink & LL, so you can read in whichever style you prefer :heart:

I will get to yours. Just have a few ahead of you!


I have started your story. One chapter done so far.

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Hello! Congrats on your story!,

Here`s mine:

Title : Mum Know`s Best

Description : Brainwashed teenager nicola has suffered from years of abuse at the hands of her mother will she be able to find a way out? Contains violence, self harm + CC choices matter tappable choices
Important Info :My story Is completed!, There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, romantic story
I have been told by readers the following: "Your story is a classic take to flowers in the attic " And by another "I dont have anything to say about your story, other than Its beautiful."
Chapers :28 [ FULLY COMPLETED ]
Style : Ink
Genre : Drama
Important info :
If you would check out my story it would be great appreciated! I have worked on it for over a year now! Hopefully your love it as much As I do :slight_smile:
There is a lot of triggers in my story, Its a dramatic, Romantic, slight bit of thriller in and a slight bit of horror in as well


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Mum knows best [COMPLETE]

Checkout this story, on the Episode App! If you like it, support the story by passing it along!

Are you interested in r4r with me?

I would love to do r4r :))
Story - Ghost of Mona
Description - Jenny thought that she was a normal girl but one night she found out that she could…
Chapters - 5
Status - ongoing
Style - Ink
Genre - Mystery
Link - http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5459494207553536
Small cover - Screenshot_20190621_160646

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sorry for the late reply…I was busy lately
I would love to do r4r with you
send as once ur done
here is my link

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