I wanna make some friends :))


Okay so my first story should be up soon cuz I need a background approved, but in the mean time I’m looking for episode friends :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ll be ur friend


Hey there! :slight_smile:
Do you need someone to preoff read your story?


thanks Hun :slight_smile:


add my new insta @episode._.holly


add munch instagram everyone @episode._.holly


hello, i’m new here and i also like to start making friends, i also started writing my first story, i wrote 3 chapters but no one is reading so i’m not sure if i should continue


my story name is something weird, and my profile is Dana if you like to check it guys


I’ll check it out Dana :slight_smile:


Hey , :wink:


hey :slight_smile:


Thank you what’s ur name there to follow you


Lol, you are everywhere :joy:


add my*


Just read your first chapter and love it already :slight_smile:


still need more friend on forum, cuz Im so lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :joy:




did u finish the 3 chapters? want me to continue?


lol yes i’m new and i like to write episodes but need readers and neet to have friends :slight_smile:
sorry if i kept showing everywhere in your face


Haha :joy: but sometimes I like to see some face again :wink: