I wanna make some friends :))

Okay so my first story should be up soon cuz I need a background approved, but in the mean time I’m looking for episode friends :slight_smile:


Hey! I’ll be ur friend

Hey there! :slight_smile:
Do you need someone to preoff read your story?

thanks Hun :slight_smile:

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add my new insta @episode._.holly

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add munch instagram everyone @episode._.holly

I’ll check it out Dana :slight_smile:

Hey , :wink:

Lol, you are everywhere :joy:

add my*

Just read your first chapter and love it already :slight_smile:

still need more friend on forum, cuz Im so lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :joy:

Haha :joy: but sometimes I like to see some face again :wink:

yeah, it’s a cool story

I really wanna publish my story, but a my background is STILL under review :frowning:

Thank you for making this thread because I’m in desperate need for friends, whether it’s on Episode or any other social media platforms lmao, if any wants to make a gc on Instagram, add me @rxyalwxves <3 Btw my episode user is Terra :wink:

I wouldn’t know where it was on phone, I write on laptop, sorry.

As for my story, it’s not yet published, but is called Welcome to Pureburgh, and my episode user is Holly:))

The story is about about a girl called Holly (I used my own name, ik lol) and her sister is murdered. Slowly, everything in the town of Pureburgh starts to go wrong.

It’s kinda like a drama/action/murder mystery kinda thing.

Ofc, I will if others are down for a gc. My episode ig is episode._.holly

go find me :slight_smile:

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honestly :clap:t4:


Cover for my story when it’s out :smiley: