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Hey, guys, I want to tell you something I’ve been through for a long time.I’m eighteen, but I’ve never had close friends. I don’t know why it’s going well at first, and then I say maybe this time it happened, but then poof they starts making fun of someone else about me and not talking to me I’m always asking myself what’s wrong with me, what’s wrong with me this time, I’m saying I’m not good enough is it my appearance? or be myself ? I didn’t go to school because of corona, but there were a few good things in my life, maybe that would be good, I’m going out more often now, spending time with my cousins.


Well, a lot of people just don’t click. However, making fun of you is mean and wrong, and they shouldn’t do that.

Nothing is wrong with you specifically. You are you. You deserve friends, and you deserve the world, just like everyone else. Do NOT say you are not good enough, because you ARE good enough. I KNOW you are good enough. It takes a while to find the right person who will stick with you through thick and thin. I know it’s hard, but I was lucky enough to find someone who matches me and I know you’ll find yours someday. Devaluing yourself is wrong, don’t do that. I did it for years, and the minute I stopped, everything changed. Never once in your life will everything be okay, but I promise you that there will be someone to help you through it. And until then, I’m always here. Dms are open. :heart:


I know sometimes the right people come at an unexpected moment, but sometimes I just want to scream, but I feel like no one will hear my voice, or they will ignore it, I don’t trust myself or people.

That’s happened to me too.

I can’t offer good advice because we have separate problems. My therapist said that journaling is good for the soul though. Have you tried that?

sometimes I want to get on a plane and start over in a country I don’t know about, but I’m still preparing for a college exam

That could be good for you. A new start.

However, what I’m saying is that when people make fun of you, don’t think “What’s wrong with me?” think “What’s wrong with them?” Bullying is wrong and most only do it when they’re self conscious. It’s still not right and they should never use that as an excuse because the person they’re bullying often feels insecure as well. Emotionally abusing and sometimes even physically abusing isn’t right and they should stop.

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they think they’re better than me, but we’re all human beings, we can all have problems, we can all have pros and cons, sometimes I say, Why can’t anyone think about it?I read in a book, actually, a biographical book, you don’t know the storms that break in anyone, you don’t know what anyone really wants from you you are not allah, you will not die before you live what is destined for your forehead that’s why I’m starting to look at people differently.

ı didnt think this way

Two of the people I am closest to in the world are my older cousins (one is 9mo older than me and in grade school people thought we were twins and compared us to Mary Kate and Ashley :joy:) You will find your people and place in the world. I promise.

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thank you

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