I want a cover for my story please(FREE!)

Large or small ? Small

Ink or LL? Can you please do both. one in ink and one in LL if you can, if you can’t so LL only

Drawn or edited? I guess drawn :sweat_smile:

How many characters? 1

Details (LL)

Body: Female athletic body (Neutral 03)

Hair: Blonde medium and I want this pose for hair


Face: Diamond

Details (INK)

Body: Light

Hair: Blond and the same pose like LL

Face: Soft heart

The pose

images - 2020-11-11T231405.532

The clothes (LL)

The clothes (INK)

The background

I want her standing here and raising her arms like the pose

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hey im pretty sure you should be able to request one at this art shop for free


Thanks :heart: and Do you know who makes ink only well?

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no i dont

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