I want a free art for my story cover ❤

Can anyone make a free art for my new story . I’m joining a contest for first time in digital dating so anyone who can make a free art for my story cover please let me know.

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You can request at some art shops! :))
There are many open art shops which provide free art!

There are many art shops which do free art, these are some of my favs but there are many more:

Trixxzilla Art Shop :art: (free and commission arts)
:ocean: Ocean :ocean: Art shop! (Free and Fast!)
The Silvers Art Shop (OPEN)
Jelly’s Art Shop slightly_smiling_faceheartpulse(Open) + Free


Okk thank you :revolving_hearts:

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Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

No problem! :heartpulse:

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@Tesbie28 draws beautiful art! (both free and commissioned)

I’m so sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged! :eyes:


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