I want an art scene in my story but I have an issue

So I want to add an art scene of my mc and her love interest dancing outside near a lake but I realized that before the scene she picked which dress she wanted to wear to see him and how would I make the art scene if the reader picked which dress she wore

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You could either:

  1. NOT let the reader pick the dress at all.
  2. let the reader pick but let them know that x outfit will be the default in the art scene.
  3. make 3 different art scenes and use a gain/flag along with if/elif/else so the reader can see the art scene with the dress they chose.
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If i did 3 art scenes how would I use the else in a script

If (dress1) {

Picture/dialogue for the first dress.

}elif (dress2) {

Picture/dialogue for the second dress.


Picture/dialogue for the third dress.


You can also reference Dara’s thread here for more information on gains/flags and if/elif/else!

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Oh ok thank you

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