I want girl storys to

Hey i am a girl. I thing that i want is more storys that is between girls. I am lesbian and it’s ok to have a boy, but there are not that many storys with lesbians. Plzzz can you have lesbian storys to?

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I would recommend Dirty Little Secrets by Cindy Gaultier… it actually is written as a straight romance but you have the option at the beginning to have the three love interests be women instead. Love the romance but obviously doesn’t deal with the theme of being lesbian at all.

Playing Her Game by Beth (Charity Sweet) - I’m not very far in but seems good.

New Places by L. Guyton.

There’s a fair number of stories where you can pick your gender and/or your love interest’s gender, but I’m sticking to recommendations with unavoidable lesbian themes, since explicit representation is harder to find and feels more meaningful for a lot of people.

Zezzy Montero Takes On The World by Toriah is a comedy with a lesbian main character. Most of Toriah’s stories are comedy and also gay, though ZZMTOTW is the only one I’ve fully read (yet). So you can check out all of Toriah’s stories.
Eyes of Rain by Vaena has multiple options for gender pairings, but the canon version (and the version the story will most likely lead to if you’re not actively trying to make things hetero - this makes sense once you play it) is f/f. It’s fantasy, with a romantic subplot.
My First Kiss is a featured story, but good compared to other featured stories. The main character is a lesbian with four possible love interests. That one’s a romance.
The love interest and main character in Self-Expression by Brenna are both girls. It takes during the Vietnam War era, but doesn’t go too heavy into homophobia. It can still be sad at parts (and I’ll warn you, the wrong choices can lead to tragedy), but it’s overall an uplifting story. It’s action, and involves a lot of the activism of the time.
Bound to the Lust Demon by Bean has male and female love interests since the main character is pansexual, but you still can’t miss the LGBTQ+ themes because the main character is open about her sexuality, her ex-girlfriend is a character, and there are several LGBTQ+ characters throughout. The main character’s attraction toward men also can’t be missed, but you do have the option later on to say you prefer women (which gains points with all female love interests). It’s fantasy with a healthy dose of comedy.


Oh Alvar thank you so much!


I find the lack of diversity in stories really annoying sometimes. I’ll check out some of the ones recommended, it’s great when stories have options for LGBTQ+ readers!

You can also check out babysitting the bad boy and mixed signals
It has a girl as a love interest too :hearts: