I want i form a writing group to work on my dream sto

I want to form a writing group so I can create my dream story

Can some coders and writes help with ideas and coding etc

If anyone could that would be great

Just PM or reply if you would like to join the group.

I’m an experienced coder. I would love to help. PM if your interested

id love to join the group! i can write or code or both!

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Alright I’d like to have your help then!

I would like to join

awesome! pm me :))

Okay I’d like to have your help

Where would you like pm on, the forums?

Cant wait

When do you want to start helping?



wherever is easier! i have all social medias so idm

Alright we can message on here

I Can Help Whenever :grin:

ok tysm

ok message me