I want my character to stand in front of this background debris

I love this background but there’s a peice of debris in front of my character and I want to move it to the back so you don’t see it. Please help

@speechbubble reset
@LEXIE changes into Lexie casual 3
@LEXIE spot 1.577 67 -189 AND LEXIE faces left AND LEXIE is idle_rear
&LEXIE moves to layer 1

If your looking to get rid of it completely, try messing with the overlay opacity.

Change the layer of the overlay.

@overlay OVERLAYNAME moves to layer 0
@LEXIE moves to layer 2

the smaller the number of the layer, the closest it is to the background. So if two characters/overlays are on the same spot and one is at layer 1 and the other at layer 0, the one on layer 0 will be hidden.