I want my readers to use germ when making choices



I want my readers to use germ when making choices, how do i add that in my story?


I think you mean gems? And I’m not sure if thats possible.


I think u should put the choice then put a / and then put in how many gems.


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Gems? It’s not possible yet.
Certain authors have been taking part in a beta test which is why some user stories have gems. Apparently this feature will be released to all authors at some point though.


Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but why would you want your readers to have to use gems (aka real money) if they don’t have to?
As a reader I even tend to avoid gem stories, because the use of gems - in my experience - are so badly missused. Either forcing you to “pay” in order to get the best choice or to have som "special/beneficial outfit.

Just curious to why you’d want to add that to your story… :thinking:



I was thinking maybe authors could use like a 1 or 2 gem choice for spoilers if they want to know so badly without wait for the next episode. What do you guys think about that?


That sounds reasonable to me! I’d be fine with gem choices that weren’t so intrusive, so your idea sounds like a good one. At the moment it feels like: “You’re too poor to afford the good choices? Tough luck. I don’t care if most of you are too young to have money to spare on a card”


Its only the episode official stories & authors they work with that can only use gems
A lot of people hate gem choices though. In a lot of them they usually peer pressure you into using gems.
Like this one story I was reading, the peer pressuring was sooo bad that I was like “nope” & got off
Its like they’re basically trying to force you into using gems & its kind of ridiculous, like “wear this amazing dress for 25 gems and have the best night of your life!” or “wear the ugly dress & have people tell you how ugly it it & have a horrible night” lol what

But if you like the gem concept, you can use points in your story. Like in my story No Escape I used the point system, where some choices earned you points & with those points they can buy outfits & such
I just found that fun to do, but my readers hated it. Someone was like “we read community stories so we don’t have to deal with the gem thing”

So its up to you if you’d want to try that or not. Good luck!


You can’t do that, it’s simply only open for featured stories and some community stories that are made but authors who basically already work for Episode and it seems like gem choices will be open for all of the authors in the future but at the moment they aren’t…

Besides, why would you want to have gem choices in your story? People hate them!
At some point I was talking to some author that Episode suggested her to make a gem choices story and she just declined it, because all people hate to pay for choices. Not hating or anything but seriously, why? It’s a nightmare.


Okay thanks so much everyone. I understand now.


Glad this got resolved! Closing :v:t2: