I want my transition to fade out in clear

I’ve been reading “Guilty” on the app and there was this one scene that fades out in clear, there was no color in the transition fade. How do I do this?

Check out this: HOW TO: Transitions

Do you mean the color white? If so, then perfect, the link above will help u out! :black_heart:


The transition is clear, I have no clue on how to do it though.

I’m sorry I haven’t read the story so I don’t know what it looks like lol but let me think, you want something that shows no color at all? Clear like water? Not Black or White? Right? :thinking:

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Clear like water.

Was it an overlay that was used?

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I don’t think so. It looked like a plain and simple background.

Perhaps they did something else? The only colors that are available for transitions are:

There is no clear.

There’s also filters that can be used: HOW TO: Using Filter to make ur scene look cool.

However I strongly think it could be an overlay like @Simila100 suggested.

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And if it was an overlay what would it be and how would it end up looking like a clear transition?

Honestly, I have no idea how it looks, I’ve never read so idk, can be anything, sorry I can’t be of much help :sweat_smile: Hmm, maybe u can show a screenshot or a short video clip of that part of the story so I can get a better idea?

Here’s helpful threads that will aid u:

  1. A Guide to Using & Animating OVERLAYS
  2. HOW TO: Move Characters / Overlays to the Layers
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I’ll reread the story it’s pretty short and send a screen recording!:joy:

And ooh, this is a very helpful thread as well: How to "FADE" Characters (u can use this cool trick to spice up ur story) :wink:

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