I want online friends

I am lonely and want only friends who can message me @thatrandomgurl111 on Instagram and if anyone feels cool with it I’d love to start like a group call thing because I’m too lazy to type half the time :joy:

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Hi, I can be your friend, my Instagram is @serde_episode you can always dm me, I’m pretty fast to reply

I’m gonna make a group chat so whoever needs friends too can join!

You are the most welcomed :heart: add me in that grp chat :joy: @tanzanite.episode

Eyy add me to that group chat too (I’m two days late, oops) @soph_midnight on insta

Adding you now!

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lol I’m late :joy::joy:





Nothing much you?

Same… boring teenager life lol

Lol I started school 2 days ago and I’m already sick of it

Luck you I‘ve had three weeks of school already… But I‘m in my last year THANK GOD! lol


Loool I’m in a last year too THANK YOU JESUS

Haha mine is gonna be sooo flippin stressful I‘ll prolly die

Yeah mine too RIP

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