I want some friends, please 🥺

Hey guys, I just recently made an Episode Instagram account by recently I mean just yesterday, and I want to make some friends in the community, as I have been a part of it for a good year now. This is very much out of my nature, I don’t usually start conversions.
If you do want to become a friend, you can hit me up on my Instagram @bluecrystal.episode shameless plug :slightly_smiling_face:

Things about me:

  • I am 15, and my birthday is on the 5th of September
  • I am currently finishing 10th grade
  • I am half Jordanian and half Russian
  • I speak both English and Arabic
  • My favorite show is Brooklyn nine-nine
  • Some of my favorite artists include: Travis Scott, The Weeknd, 6lack, Juice Wrld, and MGK
  • I am very vulgar, but I can tone it done
  • My favorite subject in school is actually English; however, my teacher this year makes me hate it
  • I am currently writing a story
  • One last thing: I live for ice cream!

Hey girl id love to be friends i also love juice wrlds music! my insta is @leah.episodex

I have just added you

What a legend.

Closed since we do not allow “friend-making” threads on the forum. We recommend interacting with other community members on our many discussion threads instead.

Thanks :slight_smile: