I want to add 2 dressing games


Hello! So i was writting my story and i wanted to add 2 “label dressing_game”. When i did it, it showed me an error that I can only have one label dressing_game. When i removed one i tried it, but when i click the option to go back it takes me to the first label. Any help?


You have to change the label name to maybe “label dressing_game2”
@GrxavityBae @Apes


it’s still an error. it says unexpected garbage :confused:


Could you show script of the dressing game @GrxavityBae



after the word label get rid of the _ @GrxavityBae


now it shows me this


you need to put at the end of the dressing game
label dressing_game2 end


i think that maybe im doing something wrong




Remove the word end and it should be fine


it worked! thank you so much both of you!