I want to change my story description..😀

I want to change my story description

My stories is called She Lost Her Faith.

This is the old story description.

Dulce lost her mother at a young age lost completely in faith, love. But can she find out the secrets, lies that was kept away all these years. 2LL Limited CC (Human & Vampire)

I’ll dm you the details of the story


Hey! I can try to help you out, if you can PM me some more details. :heart:

I would recommend to not add everything important in the description! Losing her mother should be read through the story! And the title she lost her faith is not very great! (Im not being rude or anything I’m sorry I’m tryna help) how bout losing faith? Or , No faith left ?

Maybe something like:

At a young age Dulce lost her mother causing her to never believe in love. But will finding out secrets and lies that kept her away all these years change that? 2LL Limited CC (Human & Vampire)

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After losing her mother, Dulce stopped believing in love. Will she be able to unearth untold family secrets and change her perspective on life on the way?

Losing her mother caused Dulce to lose faith in love. When she sets out on a mission to uncover hidden family secrets, will she find hope at last?

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