I want to change my story title can someone help me?



Hi everyone,
I am currently writing a story its called You Are Mine I haven’t publish it yet. I think the story title is often used by many authors so I want something new.

“MC is stuck between two boys Aiden the “BAD BOY” and Evan the “ATTITUDE ONE”. What will happen when her ex-boyfriend came back to city. Who will she choose when too much drama awaits for her.”


In the Middle
Who Will She Choose
Me vs 3

Or maybe use the Mc name???


Thank you :hearts:

I think it would help me.


Kind of like @ChayChay, maybe:

Stuck In the Middle


@DatOneAuthorEmma Actually that story title is used in more than five stories.:pensive::pensive:


Oh! Wow!


Yeah, I was also shocked when I saw that.


why me? I don’t think I’ve seen this one before


Why me is a title… I think it’s only one named that though…


This title is used in more than 10 stories:sob::sob::sob:


I have only read one of them… lol give me a few mins and I’ll try to come up with some more… can you pm me some more details and names of characters so I can help you come up with something unique


No offense, but I’ve read quite a few stories with the same plot. Maybe come up with something more… original?


I think that it is kinda oringinal because instead of it just being 1 bad boy and 1 good boy, it’s 2 bad boys. And there is not a lot of those in episode…thats just my opinoin though so…:woman_shrugging:


idk if its good buuut

Stuck In Love
Caught In Love


@DatOneAuthorEmma I guess…


Spot the three Differences

Change of heart


Those are awesome girl