I want to do FRIENDSHIP

Hi there! I’m new to Episode. I want to make some friends. I have only one @LivLoveDance7. She’s a great girl but I want to befriend more


I would love to be friends! :smile:

I would love to be your friend @Sania

Thx a lot!!!


I’d like to be friends @Sania

I would love to be your friend too. :v:

You have another friend right here.:wink:

Hey @Sania you have got a lot of people that would be happy to be your friend…
Isn’t this what our community is about right…
Helping people, getting helped being polite and friendly to everyone…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Ill be your friend!

Hii!! I can be your friend too! :smiley:


Thx a lot

Thx a lot to you all new besties

I am also ready to be ur friend. Right now I have a very good friend- @Khushi12. She is great and is very helpful. So glad to have her as my friend.

Thx a lot Priti

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I’m open to become your friend

Thx a lot friends

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I would like to be your friend as well :slight_smile:

Thx a lot bestie

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