I want to find a music effect on episode!


Hey everyone! :hugs: For a long time I search a music effect on episode interactive! But I can’t really find it! I know there’s somewhere because I heard that music in a lot stories but I can’t find it! I can’t send you the melody from here but can anyone please send me all the music effects from episode or the hidden ones too ? Maybe I can find it in that way… I really want it! Thanks for your time… :slight_smile:


If your asking about just adding music to your story, here’s a guide: A Simple Guide to Using Sound Effects and Music

You can find all the available sound effects and music on the right side of your script under “Sounds”


Yeah I know that. I know how to add music too… I just want to find a music effect I just want to find out a music effect I looking for…


What do you mean by music effect?


I heard from a story a music and I liked it a lot but I can’t find it anywhere!!! It was a sad music…


So you mean you’re looking for a specific sound? Was it a regular user story or was it a Featured story?


It was a regular user story (Not interest by Madison for example…) I heard it from others stories too but I can’t find the music…


Can you describe it? What did it sound like?


Thanks I didn’t know, you really helped😊


it was a sad music… If you played this story too you know what I mean… It’s a music we didn’t hear every time on stories.I know its very annoying but I really want to find this music… Maybe its hidden or something because I searched all musics again and again but nothing…


Was it a piano, or violin?


I think was piano…


Try these;
These are the most used “sad” songs that I hear in stories!


Thanks for your help but it isn’t what I looking for… But thanks :slight_smile:


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