I want to get back into my Episode era - Tay11

I miss my Episode era. I miss going on the app all the time and actually enjoying the community stories. I miss actually talking to people on the Forums. It was so much fun! I miss the friends I met here too! (The only people I can think of right now are: @CiCe @Creole_KareBear @LiaLopez )I want to go back to that! The fun times I’ve had with everyone.

I do have many story ideas in mind and I’d LOVE to share them all with the community. I just need to get the motivation and stop procrastinating! I need confidence and actually write the chapters/episodes!


I low key miss the old episode forum. What ideas do you have I’d talk to you about them.


I also want to get back Into my episode era but almost half of my friends that were on here all left which sucks :sob:


y’all I never even had an episode era when I was part of the community as well and not just reading 24/7 :joy: :sob: but I’m soo ready to have one!!


Hey welcome back, buddy!!! Well, I miss the old crew, too. I am here almost every day, some are still here and some are gone. I also speak most of my Episode friends on Instagram and Facebook. So, I am never bored. :wink: But welcome back.



Hey babes, I totally get what you’re saying. The fourms just aren’t what they used to be. Honestly, I think those who left willingly & wasn’t actually banned for speaking out loudly about the injustices that happen here so often, left because they were tired of not being heard from Episode. Even the Wishlist isn’t all that active I’ve noticed.

I never actually posted my wips due to a lot of reasons but mostly because I know it’s not age appropriate in a lot of the themes, and trauma that gets mentioned… that and procrastination and lack of motivation. :sweat_smile: I do have a LOT of ideas tho for things that I would have liked to see in the community stories.

If you ever wanna chat you have the go-ahead to spam me. Btw’s I miss you guys too! :kissing_heart:


This place had already been dead since I join back in 2020 :joy: Most of the people I talk to here, I’ll be talking to them tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and after that…

It didn’t hinder me from writing my own story (even though I suck at dividing my time…) that little audiences are out there, though. I hope you find your own motivation! :heart: