I want to have a scene where a football practice is happening

idk what to do do i just have people running around with football unis? also how to have a character throw a ball and another catch it?

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Are you writing in ink or limelight?


oh oops sorry thank you haha

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There’s a football prop in ink, you would use the code:

@add Football to CHARACTER

And there’s also a run_athletic_football animation for males in Ink which would allow you to have them running with the football once you add the prop to them.

As far as catching the ball and throwing it, you’d have to be a bit more creative here and probably find a football overlay you can shift around, while using the punch_jab animation to make it look like a throw and the punch_receive or even possibly rock_baby_prop animations to catch the ball.

Hope that helps!

tysm will try straight away!!

You’re welcome hon! Also found a football overlay you could try to use on google.


tysm! xx

hey im so sorry to bother but how exactly do i put that overlay in my story haha im such a newbie sozzz! xo