I want to hear people's opinion about a unique kind of a story

I don’t know if many people like that kind of thing, so I wanna write a story a little (okay, a lot) different from most stories on Episode.

Kinda similar to the Pixar theory, you most likely don’t know what that is, it’s something with Pixar movies about them having an entire universe of their own, all of them happening at the same world in different times, starting with dinosaurs, ending up with a witch who goes back in time from year really far to the future to the middle age. And the thing is, they leave little clues in every movie that connect them to each other and they basically make an alternative reality to this reality starting when the dinosaurs were supposed to disappear from earth, the asteroid missed earth, but really in movies from 1995 to 2012 not in order at all.

So, what I want to do, is make a story with some kind of mystery, but make it like a game and leave little clues and people would have to try to get them all together and eventually get different endings based on what they got with very complex choices, point system and passwords (which I’m good at)

Would you like a story like that? It will be like a murder mystery, instead of making people wait literal months or more to find out what really happened or who’s the murderer or something like that just spared clues everywhere and make them try to figure it out.

Obviously, maybe it wouldn’t always be clear for everybody, so I’ll make it fun, not hard and annoying if you don’t know the answer.


It has no Romance or love interests, because even though it’s super popular on Episode, I think it wouldn’t go well and I just love those kind of movies but that would be my own original good work!

I was working on a story, it was pretty good, but I kinda wanna try something else, I don’t know if anyone even likes these kind of stuff, it will still be pretty mature on the Episode level, just not with Romance that is usually what people look for…

Any opinions?


there’s not a lot of stories like this in Epsiode but when you find them, they’re usually gems! i’d definetly love to check it out because it sounds like our choices will actually matter and they usually don’t.

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I would read something like this.

Thank you! And it will be way different than stories with gems!

Would read it in a heartbeat! Love this side of episode :eyes:

Thank you!


It sounds intriguing because these point/choices games stories can be a lot of fun. I am curious to hear more.

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Sure, thanks

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