I want to help other authors!


I’ve been an author for a while, and I want to share and use my experiences and skills to help others.
I can do almost anything to help you with your story, BUT I’m not good at new story ideas, so I can only help you if you already have the story in mind. I also can’t make covers or something that is connected with photoshop or something like that, but I guess I’m good at anything else (including grammars).

You can consider me as friendly, so I don’t mind to be friends with you :wink: , I also have enough free time to work on your story. Different time zones won’t be a problem!


  1. If you ask for my help, please don’t leave your story for me alone, cause it’s your story.
  2. Since it is your story, I may need to have the access to your email. But don’t worry, I won’t use it for anything unnecessary.
  3. I’m not the best at everything, so I might not be able to do a few things.

I hope that’s clear enough. I’m looking forward to working with you guys!

Note: I’m not asking for any money, I’m doing this for free :wink:

**Please PM me so this post won’t be too full :slightly_smiling_face: **


I would love your help with my story But there is just one problem I am not comfortable with giving away my emails password So you can email or text me at my cell And i will tell you what is going on in the story if you like i am really looking foward to working with you if you accept


I would like your help with grammar🙂I’m not good at it


What do you mean? Do you want my help with your grammar?


Are you good with grammar? Because I’m not😂 I’m really bad at it


Sure I’ll help you out. What do you need for me to do?


Hey! :slight_smile:

I wanted to ask if you can help with a second chapter of my episode. I have everything sorted out with chapter 1 and 3, but I am a little stuck on 2. I am happy to tell you the background in hopes that you can maybe kick start me?

Thanks :slight_smile:


i would really appreciate if you read my story and tell me about it !


Hey , I am new to episode and I have a very good storyline ready with me as I am a professional writer, the problem is I am new to episode so I do not know how to work on it.


I could help.


Are you on instagram , we can talk there , my instagram account is @episode_saasha


yeah sure


I would like your help please!


Sure thing! You can send me the details via PM!


My stories are in a post that I created! :sunglasses:




i could really use the help, since i am really new to creating stories



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