I want to join an art group!


I have been debating for a few weeks but I think I could make a lot of friends and more!! I put my examples below if you think they are good enough lol. They are not professional and half finished (most of them) because I just love new projects and when a new idea pops into my head I just follow through!

IMG_0265 IMG_0258


Oh and my instagram is episode.bxby_rose!! :kissing_heart:


Hey I’m a member of Episode Harmony and we will love to have you


I am one of the forunders of @episode-dreams and we would love to have you as well


It’s your choice


Can she be in 2 groups?


If she wants to Idk but we allow that


Do borh of your groups have an instagram group account? (it’s ok if not just wondering)




They made one when I wasn’t apart of it yet but they don’t use it we’re always on the forums


Oh okay. If so can you put the names of them so I can check them out? :hugs:


Episode Dreams


Episode Harmony


I’ll think about it, because there’s one more group I’m thinking about as well :thinking:


Ok kool np