I want to know how I can do this transition! Help 🥺🤍

Hey hey! I had this idea for a transition that I want to use for my story. I want to fade into another background and character, but I don’t know how insert sad face

I know how to fade only the bg or only the character, but I don’t know how to do both of them. I would really appreciate it if someone helps me out! <3

Do you mean where the character is already there in the setting? If so, just put the background name and use the command of a character standing at a particular spot. Make sure the command starts with & then do @transition fade in 1.

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I think you mean when two scenes blend into each other perfectly without the normal scene transitions. For this, you need an overlay of where the first scene ends, place it over the beginning of the second scene, and then reduce its opacity until it’s 0. I hope this helped.


@Zaurak @Phoenix_11037
Thank you! I’ll try it now <3

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You’re welcome! I’ve never done it myself so tell me if it works :smiley:

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It worked! Thank you <3

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You’re welcome! I feel like that should be an official episode transition

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oof you’re so right!
Episode if you see this… :eyes:

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hey! can you show the code for your script pls? i want to do this too but i’m lowkey confused :pp


INT. BACKGROUND - DAY with BG_1 to 1 1 1 in zone 1 at layer 10 with BG_2 to 1 1 1 in zone 1 at layer 8
@overlay BG_1_x create from BG_1
@overlay BG_1_x shifts to 1 1 in zone 1 and overlay BG_1_x moves to layer 12
&CHAR1 spot x y % in zone 1 and CHAR1 moves to layer 11 and CHAR1 starts ANIMATION and CHAR2 spot x y % in zone 1 and CHAR2 moves to layer 9 and CHAR2 starts ANIMATION
#fading starts now
@overlay BG_1_x opacity 1 in [time]
@remove CHAR1
@overlay BG_1 opacity 0 in [time] and overlay BG_1_x opacity 0 in [time]

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