I want to let the reader pick which boyfriend she wants, but I don’t know how


Hello Everyone, I’m new on the forum but I really need some help from you guys :slight_smile:
I’m writing my story ‘It’s complicated’, but I want the reader to pick which boy she wants to be her boyfriend. There are two boys to choose from.
The problem is, I don’t know how I should continue the story after that, because that choice would have a big inpact on the story. I don’t want to make two totally different scripts depending on the choice the reader makes. Does anyone have another suggest?
I don’t know if this is clear or not, but any help is appreciated! :blush:


I don’t know how to do that at the beginning. But what you could do is let the reader choose the boy at the end of the story. In many stories the reader chooses the boy at the end. So both boys appear in the story and the MC goes on dates with both of them and in the end she picks one of them.


Yeah, I was kinda thinking of that too. I too don’t know how I could make that possible in the middle of my story. I think I’m just going to do that, thanks again for the reply!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile: Good luck with your story!


Thank you very much! :wink: