I want to make a sort of opiniun in my story

there are to love interest I want to make them choose between the two but it doesn’t involve the story it is just for me to know, I want to see it if I see that the most people choose one person maybe I can change the end.
but I don’t want it wit that difficult stuff as that I must recap and beginning to write two stories at the same time.
Is this possible? And were do i see what they have chosen?


i think you should do a poll on instagram and find out what ur readers want

Did that in a shoutout i had only one person who had respond. :sleepy:

Maybe check in fanmail instead, then?
Sometimes, people write about which love interest they like more :thinking:
Also, it’s not possible to see which love interests your readers chose unless they tell you :sweat_smile:

my story is only read 159 times i have nothing in my fanmail it is my first story, all the revieuws i had were very good but i can’t oblige people to read my story.