I want to make a story (need help)

Hello guys,

I want to make my own story and publish it but I’m not sure about what should I write…:thinking: I saw that the most popular are happen in the highschool and most of it is about a past drama and romance. So I want to know what should I do…

I was thinking about something with teenagers superheroes or the normal one in the highschool. So I need some ideas.

If you want you can send me some info like about what should I write:
Story title:
A little description:
Some characters examples:

P.S. I’ll use the LL (not spotlight) format

Hi, I would like to help you!
PM me if you want my help!

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I would love to help!

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Hi I would totally love to help you! Yes high school drama and romance is VERY popular but my advice to you is just do what you want write because there will be people who want to read it!
Message me if you need help!

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