I want to make the readers have a choice of Gender for a child, how do I put it so that it continutes throught the story?

I need help to make it so that my story has a choice of gender and to keep it that way throughout the story via their choice. I have realized that if I do a choice for this type of thing, come the time the child grows up, I will not know whether the child is a boy or girl so how can I create it so that the readers have a choice of Gender?

choice “Boy” {
gain boy
} “Girl” {
gain girl

when they’re grown you’ll need to make two separates routes with if/else

if (boy) {
#male child
} else {
#female child

Thank you for your help :pray:

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Here’s a post I did about choosing your LI’s gender, I would do it the exact same way except it would be even easier since you would only need to do a female and male branch :grinning:

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