I want to place people to make a screenshot


To use as a background for my story
I have given in where they need to be stand but i want that they have differend possitions but it does not work.
what’s wrong with this script

@ERIK stands screen left AND ERIK faces right AND ERIK is admire
@NIELS stands screen right AND NIELS faces left AND NIELS is blush
@DR RENAUD upscreen left AND DR RENAUD faces right AND DR RENAUD is flirt_wink
@ANNEKE stands screen center AND ANNEKE faces left AND ANNEKE is disappointed

i get this error


You can use

Just use numbers. They work the best!


You forgot the “stands” : @DR RENAUX stands upsrceen left …


You can use this @DR RENAUD spot 0.997 81 161

@DR RENAUED faces left

Try this


No it’s just



Yes it is, but I’m not talking about the spot :wink:


@DR RENAUD spot 0.997 81 161

@DR RENAUED faces left

@DR RENUED is flirt_wink

Just do it in 3 lines and not 1. See if this helps!


this works thank you, no i can use my spot director thanks girl :grinning:


This can be closed… thanks for all off your replies :grinning: