I want to practice making covers and splashes. [INK + LL]

Hi, I want to try to practice making covers…but I don’t have inspiration. If you want you can give me completely random details with a random background just so I can practice and I will send it back and see if you like it. I am not a professional so this is only for fun and I can’t draw :joy:. Thanks! :blush::v:

Make sure to have:
1: Title (If needed)
2: Genre
3; Character Details
4: Description (If needed)
5: An Idea for the background

Story title: Love you to death

Author: Ezrie

Genre: horror


Background: anything that fits the story

Discrimination: you have a boyfriend but you’re unaware that he’s trying to kill you so he can be with you in the underworld forever and it seems like you can’t go a day without being in danger

I would like it to look something like this except I want the guy to have a knife in his hand towards the girl and I want her to have a more frightened look on her face

Ok, I’ll try my best!

I would like it to look something like this


What are the character details?


Body: Ash 00

Brow: male generic (blackjet)

Hair: slicked back solid (black silhouette)

Eyes: deepset heavy lid (blue deep)

Face: chiseled angular

Nose: hooked Grecian

Lips: full heart neutral (mauve gloss)


Body: gold 02

Brow: arched thin (black dark)

Hair: beach wave hair (black dark)

Eyes: deepset downturned (brown black)

Face: heart soft

Nose: defined neutral

Lips: full heart pouty (pink deep gloss)

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Sorry if this didn’t turn out the way you wanted. This is my first time making a cover for somebody :blush:. @Ez.mariex

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