I want to practice my semi realistic skills (Free Art)[Closed Until May]

Hi everyone. :blush:
I’m a commissioned artist (paid artist, cartoon style) but I want to develop and improve my semi realistic style.
I plan to do 1 or 2 free drawings per month depending on my schedule.

Sorry if I made some mistakes, I’m a french speaker. Feel free to correct me.


  • I will draw your characters from bust up to knee up according to your preferences( No full body)

  • You must follow my new art account on Instagram: @lyne.digitart , and my episode account: @chocolate_cheeze.episode (It’s ok if you don’t have instagram)

  • The art has to be used somewhere. ( In an Episode story, an Instagram post etc…)
    I put a lot of effort into these drawings and I won’t appreciate having done them for nothing.

  • Always credit me with my instagram @lyne.digitart when you use or post my art somewhere.

Here is my examples:


I made this art last month with Medibang Paint.

I made this one on my new software (Procreate). It was my first time drawing with it and I was struggling. :joy:

I made this one yesterday. I’m trying to get used to drawing on an Ipad.

You can find some of my art and my commissions Info :

This is what you have to send me:

  • Explain briefly what you want, specify the type of art ( cover, art scene, bust up , half body etc…)

  • Screenshots of your character(s) (2 maximum) + all the details (skin, hair eyes etc…)

  • Poses of your characters. The picture must be of good quality and it must be REAL PEOPLE, not drawings

  • Your characters outfits. It can be Episode outfits or a picture of real clothes. (good quality image)

  • References of your characters face and haircut ( Optional)(good quality image)

  • A background ( unless you want a png transparent file)

I will choose 2 requests ( or one) then I will close this post until next mouth.
You will receive the final piece within 2 weeks.

You can send me your requests here or you can pm me. Have a nice day/night :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your art is beautiful! May I PM you? : )

Thank you ! :blush: sure you can

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Your art is so cute, can I pm you too?🫶🏼🤍

Sure you can ! :blush:

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Tysm for doing this I love your art work and examples , I just pmed u :blob_hearts:

Still taking people?

Hey , sorry for the late reply. You can pm me your request until tomorrow. But I don’t guarantee I would choose yours. :sweat_smile:

Ooh. I your art looks pretty. Are you still taking requests?

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@Jpassen It’s until 10th February. You can send your request here or pm her. She will then select only two for this month.

If i get choosen can i also get a png version


I everyone.
I have already chosen my 2 requests so I am closing this post until March.

I’m sorry for the ones I couldn’t choose for this month. :confused:
Have a nice day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s perfectly fine :hugs::two_hearts: I hope you have a lot of fun drawing and creating. Good luck with your projects and have a great day :heart:


Bump!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks for bumping :heartpulse::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I was just about to reopen the requests for this month. :joy:


Ooh fun. Can we respond again if we entered last time but we didn’t get chosen?

I Everyone :heartpulse: so I open this post for March .

You can dm me your request and I will choose 2 of them to practice . ( you can send your requests until March 15th

Don’t forget to read the rules If it’s the first time you see this post.

And sorry again I can’t take more than 2 requests I am too busy . :sweat_smile:

This is the 2 drawing I made last month :


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Have a Nice day / Night :heartpulse::heartpulse:


Heey Sure you can ! :blush: and If it’s the exact same request just let me know

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Just pmd u a new one!

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You’re welcome :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: