I want to practise my drawing/editing skills pls leave details below xx

details please <3

-skin colour

-eye colour

-eye shape

-nose shape

-hair colour

-hair style

-face shape

-eyebrow shape

-eyebrow colour

-lip shape

-lip colour


Upturned feline
soft heart
Thick Flat
full round

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Tori: Tan body, seductive round brows, high ponytail black, downturned natural green eyes, soft heart face, soft natural nose and classic slender ruby red lips. Outfit doesn’t matter.

And here’s a guy
Taupe body, thick tapered brows, spiked up fawn hair, deepset gentle toffee eyes, defined triangle face, button nose and classic taupe lips. Again, outfit doesn’t matter.

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Character: Sakura

Skin Tone: Taupe

Brow: Seductive Arch

Hair: Fishtail Braid (Black)

Eyes: Upturned Bold (Blue)

Face: Soft Heart

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Blossom Lips (Wine)


Gold Biker Jacket

Small Fishnets

Purple Delia Delight Heels

Lavender Cupcake Gal Tank

Blue Rising Star Earrings

Blue Ballerina Tulle Skirt

Purple Boho Flower Crown

Diamond Heart Necklace

Pearl Bracelet

Character: Violet

Skin Tone: Honey

Brow: Soft Angled

Hair: Straight (Chestnut)

Eyes: Slender Natural (Toffee)

Face: Round

Nose: Soft Natural

Lips: Classic (Blush)


Skater Tee White Sleeves

Skater Girl Black Sneakers

Leather Leggings (Cherry Red)

Clear Wayfarer

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Skin Tone: Olive
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair/Color: Straight/ Black
Eyes/Color: Upturned Feline/ Toffee
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose: Upturned
Lips/Color: Classic/ Scarlet

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Name: Hope
Body: Fair
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Green)
Nose: Upturned
Face: Round
Hair: Diva Curls (Fawn)
Mouth: Full Round (Cherry Red)
You can choose outfit x

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-skin colour -Tan
-eye colour - Black
-eye shape - Upturned Feline
-nose shape - Perky
-hair colour - Black
-hair style - Beach Wave
-face shape - Soft Heart
-eyebrow shape - Thick Flat
-eyebrow colour - Black
-lip shape - Classic
-lip colour - Terracotta