I Want To Preview My Story On My Ipad But It's Not Under "Playable Stories". Help!

Basically, I started writing a story on my laptop about 3 or 4 days ago and so far I’ve written 2 episodes. I wanted to preview it on my iPad on the episode app but when I go to “Create” < “Playable Stories”, I can’t see the story I’ve written. All I can think of is that some of the backgrounds used are made by me and are not approved by episode yet. Is that why or is it something else? Has this happened to you?

  • Fixed All Errors
  • Scrolling Down
  • Looked Through All The Stories
  • On my account
  • Some stories that are on the playable stories section haven’t got 3 episodes
  • The story I have been writing has some script (I have written 2 episodes)

The only thing I can think of:

  • Backgrounds that haven’t been approved by Episode

If you want to preview your stories on i pad/phone you need to make a profile on the Episode (use the same account as on the laptop), as for backrounds they do take a long time in approving them (about 1 or 2 weeks for me).

Hope this helped you.

Thank you also I do have a episode profile so I’m still not really sure but I’m juts gonna stick to the background needing to be approved scenario. Thank you again!

You are welcome, btw maybe check if your Ipad is connected to the same account as your laptop,…

Yeah it is connected, really weird. Oh well.

Have you ever been able to see you story under the Create section?
Sometimes you need to have three episodes available (even if they’re not complete) for it to show up :slight_smile:

Try scrolling down. :slight_smile: