I want to read a story with BAD BOY or gang leaders



Hey everyone!
Have anyone a suggestion for a story i love special with gang leaders and bad boys i will do R4R but i forgot to mention that is need to be with +CC :slight_smile: have a good day/night


No CC:
Chain Reaction
The Gangs


Thank you :slight_smile:


Search up the word “love” “forbidden” Desire" “bad” “boy”
I guarantee you find more than it’s worth!

  1. Bad boy’s girl
    2.It starts with a bra
    I’ve read these ones and love them plus the bad boys are HOT


Lol i just asked and i see that you add that emojis laugh a little sassy whatever thank you for your answer


Thank you so much for suggestion and answer :slight_smile:


I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to be rude or anything. I just know a lot of these stories have these words in the title, so it’s funny.


no problem :slightly_smiling_face:


I search for stories and i’ve read a lot just i asked here because im sure that will be very good suggestions thats why


I have some for you!
.The Doberman
.The Boss
.Married to the Mafia
My Gang Leader: Dominic RossI
Both By:MissAggie
.Chain Reaction
It’s Just an Illusion
It’s Just an Illusion Captive
It’s Just an Illusion Regrets
All 4 By: Miss Mj
.Search for love
I have or am still working on all of these they are all really good! :slight_smile:


Wow i got some stories to read i better catch up
I got a story too but i just have this dissapoint feeling but anyway thank you so much :slight_smile:


I for got one!!!
By:Hope Moon
.Hunting Bad


Your welcome. I love bad boy or gang leaders on and Loving Lation By: Hope Moon that’s all :slight_smile:


If you know any good one’s let me know please and thank you! :slight_smile:


Bad boy roomate by melissa La vone and is my story called forbidden love is an interesting story and sorry i add this again i have a dificult time like discourage
Is also “rescued” by Lindsney
And is a story who i loved i started read 2nd time is "the nerd and the bad boy by Jasmin.P :slight_smile:


Thank you I will check them all out! :slight_smile: I need some good ones while I wait for more Chapters on a few other’s!


Thats great
Just 1 thing if you come at my story and see some mistakes im a begginner i started with 2 mouths ago and i spend all summer trying to learn things
The other 2 stories you will be in love im 100% sure


Hey its ok to have some mistakes we all learn form them. I am working on my own story also and have had to make a lot of changes as I learn about coding with Episode! I sure it is still really good. :slight_smile:


Wish you the best of luck when is done i will definitely check your story cant wait :slight_smile: