I want to use hastags as numbers when my characters talk. Is this possible?

I know hashtags (#) are used for notes, but I want my characters in my script to use the hashtag as a number sign. I’ve provided some pictures. The text after the hashtag on the same line is grayed out (I know this happens with hashtags), but it looks fine when I preview this. I’ve just never used hashtags in character’s dialogues. Does it work? I know it’s a stupid question, but I’m asking because I want to know if it would work when I publish the story. Thanks!


I’d assume that if it works when you preview it in the app it will work when you publish

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Just code it like this

Subject “#M486 and M#477” I’ll show you your rooms

It won’t “#”(s) are ment for something that isn’t supposed to be shown in the app

If it doesn’t work report to episode

If it works when previewing and you get no errors, then it works. The script is just use to hashtags being used for notes so it does that automatically, but it does not affect the dialogue. The same thing happens when you use the word “choice” in a dialogue, it gets italicized like if you were starting a choice, but it doesn’t change the dialogue.


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