I want to write a book

If someone is interested to write a book message me
Or doing draw for the book they are welcome
Have a nice day

Moved to Find a Writing Partner since it sounds like you’re looking for a writing partner and/or an artist. Make sure to check out our Forum Tutorial for more info about creating topics, and feel free to PM me if you’ve got questions. :wink:

I need a a writer for my book
If u r interested message me

Help for a book
If u r interested massage me

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Help how exactly?

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I was just about to ask this :eyes:

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To write with me a book and I need someone to do the cover of the book

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To write you a book or help you write a book?

Help me writing a book

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Sure, I can help hold on I’ll message you


I want someone to help me for writting a story with me
If u r interested message me
Have a good day
Angèle soulard

hey, just so you know for these specific requests you have to change the subcategory into Find A Writing Partner

I didn’t know

If u write me u r interested to write a book

sorry, i already have a writing partner :slight_smile: hope you find one soon :heart:


I need help with my story
So please help me

What exactly do you need help with? :thinking:

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I can do a cover for you if you’re interested but I only do commissioned art :slight_smile: