I want to write a story about me๐Ÿ’–

This story about me sometimes my life is hard when people come in you life when someone miss that person was there for me someone can help you with learning disabilities someone can be good Art someone can be your friends to the end that person was there for me .when you miss that person misses her for friend she helps with everything. she likes a good teacher to me she loves my artwork This story about missing my best friend she helps with my contest to.love my best friend miss her. a lot for help out now sometimes feel so all along right now .miss my best friend. Need code help .make more easy for you can do google docs add code there for .that help hold lot .i donโ€™t know code the good I donโ€™t want mass this story up .i just so help on code .that be great .to.some can help me out with story title to.
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You can start writing your story and then improve your grammar. Leave the code for later :slight_smile:
Focus on writing it


Thank you I do have Grammarly but it give me hard Time on it. @SKADI I am try my best thank you so much @SKADI



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Yes I agree to. @lanafrazer_episode be ok can I put my story on Google docs can write full story .


If you ever need help in grammar, coding. Feel free to send me a dm on instagram. @k.rolayne.episode. I am very much happy to help.

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Thank you so much you follow me mleshell025 @Rolayne :gift_heart:

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