I want write story bout Halloween party

i need some help to write Halloween story do everybody got some good idea need help with code too
need help with the good story idea help with code.

I can’t help with codes,but there are some stories about Halloween party(maybe some already used,or not):

  1. Zombie Apocalypse,what started on Halloween,but anyone even recognized,because everyone was in costumes
  2. Murderer,who come every year on Halloween and kill one or more people at party
  3. Or cursed place,where just on Halloween appear monters,who look like people,and they make cheep rent for this place,so they can attract people to make horrible things
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I dont know how do code it to hard for me that why need help need some one to write it

I’m very good at coding

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can you help me with code i need your help sent you a messege to you pravite messege sent you

I need help on costune to

Um ok

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do you have good idea do want do limelight we can work on together let this together

Sorry what?

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it ok can you help with name first good name idea

sorry for both you

I did not know was busy.

I think that the first thing you need to do is learn to write in English understandable, because I can’t really understand what you are saying, I mean, I don’t understand your English. And if you want to write a story English is the most important thing to know :grimacing:


I use Grammarly on my laptop yes i do speak English the grammarly help me out with my story

She has a learning disability, she can’t help it.


She has a learning disability, so she can’t really do anything about it.


thank you for telling her for me I told her to use Grammarly, is help me

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thank you for help with that I do got Grammarly on my laptop it helps will my word to

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yes can you help me English I do have Grammarly on my laptop

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there are one person she dont understand me at all ask her she help with my story and code the code are very hard for me i dont understand code at all

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