I want your opinion on a cover contest

I want to host a cover contest for my upcoming story. Since I don’t have a large following, promoting isn’t a good prize and I realize that so.

The Prizes would be the Following:

  • 1st Place - $25
  • 2nd Place - $15
  • 3rd Place - $10

Runner Ups… (There will only be runner ups if there are more than 5 participants.)

  • 4th and 5th Places - $5

The rewards may increase depending on how good the entries are or how much I can afford to pay. They will not decrease though.

Additional Prizes


  • You must include two versions of your work. A small and Large cover.
  • Your work may be edited or drawn. Both are okay.
  • You may submit your work through here, you may PM me (If you don’t want it here.) or you can email it to me.
  • You must include the MC, the LI’s are optional but recomended.

*Obviously this is not the OFFICIAL post. Could you tell if you would join this or not if your an artist, what you think of the prizes, what do you think of the Rules? Do you have any questions?*


Hey! I think this a great idea and id love to join :blob_hearts:

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i’d most likely join :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@Viktoriah_Writes @caitlindrewthis
Thank you for your feedback! :grin:

@catlin.epi your art is absolutely beautiful btw

Aw thank you! <3

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Would you join my contest?

  • I would Join this cover contest.
  • I would NOT Join this cover contest.

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i would love to join

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I would join

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Hi, I would like to take part, but I don’t quite understand the theme
Would you need to draw a cover for your story? If so, I would like to understand the idea or see references


it’s not the official post as they said at the bottom. so references and characters etc will most likely be on the official post (:


this is a great idea

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I’d love to join honestly.
The only thing I may suggest is that you add the details and a lil description of the story ^^


Yea I am sure as hell that I would participate :heavy_heart_exclamation::heartbeat:

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You can draw or edit or photograph, whatever your preferable form of art is. Even though I will add the character details, there won’t be any references because I wanted to give artist creative freedom and do what they think is right.

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  • I prefer to be given creative freedom.
  • I prefer to receive references.

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Thank you for your feedback!

I will add the description of a couple of characters you can include in the cover if you prefer. And I will also add the Description/Logline of my story.


Would love to join


That’s great thank you :blush:

Happy birthday @caitlindrewthis