I was bored so here’s what I look like


Yeah. I’m bored, probably risking my life putting this photo on here ( jk. Maybe ). I’m actually so beautiful that your eyes will burn when you look at me.

My beautiful face
Seriously? You actually want to be blinded by my gorgeous light?
Damn. I guess you really want to see what I look like
Are you an old man that wants to see me? Jeez. Get off the internet.
Okay. Sure. Go on, old man.
Final chance to click away.
Ha!! You thought—
I could do this all day
Jk. I’m too lazy to be lazy
Still here? What’s wrong with you?
Fine. I give up
Listens to Twenty One Pilots on Spotify
Seriously? Dude. Just stop.
You didn’t stop?
Such a rebel...
I’m giving up now.

image ( I’m not sorry )

I’m tagging people who I think will benefit from this…
@Days @ThatRandomPerson @Roleplay.lk @UltimaW @C_ssie @BrookieK @ Anybody I didn’t tag even though I have no friends…


:expressionless: :rofl:


I am dead and nice to meet you Rick astely


Shhh. Don’t tell them :shushing_face:


Oooof. And who da girl in your profile?


I have no idea


It’s my FC for Oasis in @Roleplay.lk ‘s new RP


Hahahaha loool


So you do not like old men? Should this offend me? :thinking::older_adult::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
However, @AS007 pulled that joke one week ago. :sunglasses:


Yeah @ NemesisDarkFox is right, @ AS007 has already done this and it was super funny: Here is my face 😂 And this Here is my face 😂

Seriously though, it’s golden :rofl:
Love it :sparkling_heart:






SO BOOTIFUL @livvy613


lmao this made me laugh


Oh. Well. R.I.P. I’m so “ original:joy:


Idk why I was tagged, but I’m glad I was :joy::joy:


Tagging works better without a free space between the @ and the name. :wink::sunglasses:


I didn’t even click through it, I knew it would be Rick, :joy:


I’m from the generation that created the Rick Roll and should have known better…:unamused::nerd_face:


I never thought I’d say this, but I’m disappointed in you…