I was on episode 7 of back and forth but now i'm back on episode 1


Exactly what the title says,i didn’t spend 6 passes just for them to go down the drain and for me to RE-DO the first 6 episodes of “back and forth”.Fix this please.


Yeah i made the same complaint. its super annoying


Same with me


I hear that they already fix it. That BS I am still waiting. Like they don’t tell you how long they are fixing the problem. All I want to read my episodes back when it was before I update. I am never update the episode again


I sent a ticket in yesterday and no response yet. It didn’t fix for me either. I really hope they fix it because we didn’t spend our passes for nothing.


It is weird that her original Back and Forth went back to first chapter too but I didn’t replay that original Back and Forth at all!!


As with every issue reported here, please make sure to submit a ticket regarding it with as much detail as possible so the team knows about it and can work towards resolving it. Thanks!


It happened with me as well but I tried it back today and I’m back to the latest episode


It fixed for me as well not too long ago. :slight_smile:


I don’t know my support id but the bug is fixed now so it doesn’t really matter


Here ya go

If you still can’t get it then insert 6 question marks and I think it should work.