I was wondering are here more girls or boys?


Just out of curiosity . I was thinking that are there more girls? I have no problem with it seriously. I was just thinking about it. In my opinion there are more girls.
Alright. :nerd_face::thinking::thinking:


definitely more girls lol


Because of all the main characters in stories being female, it results in more females being on EPISODE.



I think it’s also because Episode stories are often more romance/drama centered even when they’re in other categories, and I don’t think guys gravitate toward those genres either because they genuinely aren’t interested or society says they shouldn’t be.


True, hopefully more guys in the future join though



I’ve seen more guy MC stories lately… (or ones where you can pick your gender)


like 498650849% more females

seriously tho

i think we need to make some more stories in male povs AND




You know, most of the movies/ TV shows that exist in the world show women as weak, mostly as minor characters and either use their brain for success or their look. And on Episode they mostly show them as strong, independent, smart and pretty at the same time, and most of the authors are women too.

Tell me what’s wrong with that

And encouraging LGBTQ is important too.


well, imma boi so hellooooooooo


no , notihng is wrong with that , I was just thinking about it and I thought to make a question out of it. :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s a cool username


I find that assertion ridiculous. There are some stories that feature woman who are actual people and not self-insert Mary Sues, but most don’t even pass the Bechdel test, even when both the main character and the author are women. The idea that Episode stories as a whole are somehow doing better than TV or movies, where female characters are concerned, seems nonsensical.


YES lgbt stories please


@ana_banana As others have said, there are more females on the app than males. Episode is a platform mainly marketed towards them, with genres and stories that typically appeal to them more although the game can be enjoyed by all regardless of gender.

I’m a male and I love playing Episode. My favorite genres are Horror, Adventure and even Romance just to name a few. But honestly? I can’t go one day with playing Episode in public without someone telling me:

“Why are you playing that?”
“You still play that?”
“You know that’s a girl’s game, right?”

And so forth. It gets pretty annoying at times. This is why I only play Episode in private, when I’m alone, or at night away from people to avoid sexist or ignorant remarks such as these.

So based on my experience, I think there may be more males than we think, but they are probably just hiding or playing secretly. Things such as stereotypes created by society have made it seem like it isn’t okay and is often looked down upon for males to enjoy feminine things, yet it’s perfectly okay or praised for females to enjoy things that are considered masculine in society. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with any gender to enjoy masculine or feminine things, there are also many people who stigmatize people on all sides doing this.

It’s an absurd double standard and I think this is maybe why there are more females than males on the app. I even tried to get some of my friends and my brother to play it but they said it’s too girly. Oh well lol. They’re just missing out, right?


Yeah I would like to see more males in episode .


I agree



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