I was wondering if someone can do a cover for me!

i need a large + small cover!
if possible would you be able to make them look like the images below;

  • large: (but closer!)

  • small: (if possible!)

(i found these off of google!)

here are the details of the characters i need (ink style!):

  • girl (Riley):
    skin: light
    brow: defined natural
    hair: straight (black)
    eyes: upturned feline (taupe)
    face: soft heart
    nose: soft natural
    lips: full round (toffee)

  • boy (Bentley)
    body: tan
    brow: straight bold
    hair: short cropped hair (black)
    eyes: round piercing (green)
    face: defined triangle
    nose: button
    lips: uneven (toffee)


I can try when do you need them by?

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whenever! if possible by the end of the week if not whenever you can! <3

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I can try by Sunday maybe Tuesday. I’ll do it tonight!

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thank you so much <3

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You’re welcome! :blush: