I was wondering something!

When a character gets bitten on the neck or has a healing bite do I have to create the same outfit twice or maybe even 3 times which will take a while so I’m just wondering if there’s a way this can be done faster? I’m new to all this stuff so any help is appreciated! x

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Do you let the readers choose their outfit? If it’s not needed then you’ll need to create whatever outfits you want with the bite mark

Yes, you basically need to have an outfit before the bite, one after the bite with probably “blood” in it, and then every outfit should have the “bite mark” detail.
Unfortunately you can’t add it the same way we change hair color or other feature, it’s part of the outfit :c


I will be letting the reader choose their outfits! Does this make anything different?

Depending on the amount of choices you give your readers for outfits, say 3 then you’ll have to create the bite mark for all 3 of those again. Like before the bite mark 3, after the bite mark 3…

Thank you!

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Thank you <3

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You can copy outfits so you dont have to make them again just write a name for the copy and hit copy outfit, then add then blood to the second outfit


Thank you so much! That is so helpful I didn’t even realise this was an option!

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Do you think there’s any chance you could help me out with the coding for this? For example, if I let the reader pick their outfit and I have to change it later on because I need a bitemark to be added how will I use the correct coding for the reader to still be wearing the correct out they picked?

I can help you with that!

Good night @Stormix

Here is tutorial about creating outfit choice. @Stormix

You can choose any of the video but i love the middle better with her video because it’s easy to understand everything. @Stormix

Also, you have to remember to change the outfit with bite mark. I would say coding helps with picking their outfit but changing the outfit with a bitemark you could made one bitten and one not bitten. it up to you. @Stormix

Thank you so much!

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you’re welcome @Stormix

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