I went to send a png but once I sent it it was a jpg. how do I stop this from happening?

can anyone answer this question?


Do you mean upload a png

yeah :slightly_smiling_face:

Thats weird is it an overlay or background

Alsp before you upload it does it say on the files details png?

overlay, on my phone it said it was a png and showed it was one too ( I have an iPhone ) but I upload it to give it to someone on here and then it has sent as a jpg and I’m hella confused :pensive:

Thats so strange hold on a second.


okay thank you :smiley:

Have you tried getting the jpg, converting into png again and seeing if it works? If that makes sense

I think I get what you mean , I even used two different apps but it did the exact same

Try copying it. Or send it to someone and they convert it and send it back and see if it makes a difference. I would but I’m on my phone and cant go on laptop at the moment :frowning:

this is what I sent her , does it come up for you as a png ?

No jpg like you said

Also by the way you need to make the background transparent. If you use a website to do that and save the new pictures as a png I think it will work!

this is to prove to you that it is png

would you recommend an app that does that ?

Well normally i use the website clipping magic, screenshot it when im done. Go into paint and paste it and save it as a png.

are all of these apps I can get on my phone ?

Not app just website.