I will be leaving the forums


hey, in a few days, i will be leaving the forums. i will be continuing my story but i need a break.

i honestly don’t know if i’ll come back, but i think this is best. i love all the friends i’ve made on here and i’m so grateful for all the people who have helped me make Hale Huna the best i can make it and supported me, given me feedback and read my story. thank you to everyone who has made me art work! i will only be on the forums to collect the splashes from my friend who is making them for me, as i need one for every chapter. here’s who i want to thank:

@Rac5hel @Faith.S @Episode.Harmony @BlueMoonWolf @Episode-Dreams for the beautiful art

@sofia2 @Mary-P @EpisodeShadow @prettyeri @Sushi_lol @Adam.Epy @Days and many, many more for being amazing friends and the best people ever!

and of course there are so many other people i want to thank but i can’t tag everyone. i’ll be on the forums for a few more days and then i’m leaving. i love you all


Gurl… I’m really sorry… I will miss you… But I hope you the best in life and in everything
You do… :cry:
You deserve the best


you too, princess! you deserve the best life has to offer


stop it you’ll make me cry thank you!
Maybe we’ll see again here…


Oh no,…

You gotta do what is the best for you and your mental health but,…

I’ll really miss you and our brand new friendship.


I might come back…but idk yet. i love you :heart::heart::heart:


I— Why?! Sniff My heart. :pensive: :persevere: I will miss you dearly. I really will!!


I will miss you too, chica. thank you for your support!


i will miss you too, sweetie! but I might come back, it all depends on later life I guess. <3


Good luck gurl! :heart:


I’ll give you my favourite :gift_heart:


I’m gonna miss you :sob:

Even though I didn’t know you too well, when we did talk you were always really nice and funny. YOU WILL BE MISSED :sob:


I don’t know you
but good luck! I just entered lmao


Thank you <3


oh lmao thank you!! welcome to the forums


Thank you babe! I’ve loved everyone I’ve met here!


i love you


Thanks babe np


Everyone is babe with you :joy::joy:


are u a guy or girl?